No Small Meetings Any opportunity to make contact with another human being can be a blessing

On Account of Kindness A decision to extend kindness brings an unexpected reward — years later!

Angels for Hope One woman's yearning to bring hope and a smile to people in need launches an army of volunteers whose crocheted gifts go around the world.

Opening A Durian Learning to open a spiny fruit brings layers of ripeness in his spiritual depth.

Even in Our Dreams A heartfelt prayer offered in a dream has miraculous effects in real life.

The Lesson Her willingness to love and care for the children of incarcerated women touches hearts.

Getting Unstuck Simon, a precocious Siamese cat, shares his wisdom in a story about his brother, Murphy.

Leo's World A park maintenance man finds a touching and unique way of defining his 'real' job.

Finding Waldo A man touches a homeless man's life - the blessings of it touch hearts to this day!

That Soul-Feeding Sunset Synchronistic events allow a widower to sense his wife's presence

A Fresh Start A dedicated minister faces the ravages of an aneurysm; faith and miracles restore her.

Ya Gotta Laugh & "Know"God has a sense of humor - knowing is stronger than believing!

Angels We Have Heard On High Having the courage to look silly, a mother brings Christmas to the mall.

God and the Angels Are Always with Us! A sudden life threatening storm is miraculously survived.

Tale of a Tattoo Dog Only God could have arranged this miraculous reunion!

Mandible's Love Even creatures remind us of the blessings of giving and receiving.

God's Tool Chest A delightful series of events remind this man that God IS the source.

Macular Regeneration Restored vision proves that Spirit is stronger than any diagnosis we may face.

Hugs, Hope and Peanut Butter Serving others from joy and receiving a rich harvest of blessings.

The Healing Power of Forgiveness She could not stop him from killing her daughter but forgiveness allowed her to keep him from killing her spirit!

When He Didn't Have a Prayer The diagnosis was grim and then, prayer changed things.

My True Hero A touching tribute to an astronaut and his mother

Where Wonders Prevail Sowing, reaping and finding God in seeming coincidence.

Angel in Atlanta A stranger appears to comfort a stranded traveller, then disappears — only to reappear in an old family photo album!

Aneurysm Calling for angels is linked to a miraculous healing.

Another Joke on Me A world traveller finds humor in a meeting with Spirit.

Making Peace with War A Dad finds the inner source of war and peace in a family upset.

What the Angel Looked Like Four friends see the same angel, differently!

I Can't Believe It's Not Buddha How would we treat each other if we knew that one of us was the messiah?

Butterfly Kisses A butterfly brings assurance of her daddy's love — decades after he has passed.

Hotline to Heaven The phone man who prayed for her badly burned twins reappears decades later.

The Smell of Tweed Stranded on a rainy. cold night, a woman is helped by a mysterious stranger.

Mail Call A gruff sergeant helps a young man who grew up in an orphanage find the meaning of caring.

Airport Angel An international traveler is given timely help by a stranger - who disappears!

The Airplane An ill-kempt blind man helps a judgemental young man find his humanity.


Honey's Stories

This is America! My first generation American father changed lives as he shared the dream.

The Love Letters Two friends launch a secret pal campaign and help a young man heal.

My Vision of Our Oneness Vivid dreams leads to a new awareness; a prayer is answered.

Just Take A Back Stitch In recovery or not — attitude determines altitude

Front Porch Wisdom Why travel the globe looking for enlightenment? Hang out with your neighbors!

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