Angels for Hope

by Kelly Smith

The greatest gift we can give to others and ourselves is love. Angels for Hope is a wonderful example of how love blesses both the giver and the receiver!

The angels from Angels for Hope crochet angels, butterflies and smiley faces to send to folks that they've never met.

Kelly J. Smith of Michigan formed Angels for Hope in response to concerns for those stricken with chronic illness or for anyone in need of hope. She wanted to do something to bring a smile to the face of anyone in pain.

Smith was particularly touched by a thank-you received from the mother of a 3-year-old who died of cancer. The grieving mom had received many expressions of support, but said the angel she received meant the most. She marveled that someone sat down and made an angel just for her.

Since January 2003, a small army of volunteers and crochet crafters from across the United States, Canada, U.K., Africa, Middle East and Australia has sent out over 15,000 items free of charge to anyone who has asked. More than 300 volunteers pour their loving hearts into their crocheting!

Anyone can request an angel, butterfly or smiley face to be sent to anyone in need of hope or evenn just a smile, and it's always free of charge!

The goal of this wonderful group is to spread hope, love and caring throughout the world. You can request an angel to send to a loved one at or, You can also reach Kelly Smith to make you request at: Angels for Hope, 4439 Jean Rd. Bay City, MI 48706

Since the crocheted items are given at no charge, the group can always use new angels to help crochet, or to donate supplies. This truly worthwhile organization is determined to be a blessing!

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