God and the Angels Are Always with Us!

-by Judy Blondin

  Little did my husband and I know what Aug. 8th, the first day of our vacation in 1994, was going to bring! That day that reawakened my belief in God and Angels!

  It was an absolutely perfect sunny day when we started the drive to camp and fish in Temagami Lake, Northern Ontario. Loving the outdoors, Jim and I dedicate a week each year to find our spirit and peace within ourselves. The seven-hour drive landed us at the lake in late afternoon. Our 14-foot fishing boat with a small Honda 5-hp motor was filled with camping gear. There was just enough space left for us in the boat. We set out with a slight wind, looking for a campsite on this huge lake with lots of small inlets and bays. Just as we reached the centre of the lake and started to cross over to the shore, the wind picked up and black clouds came upon us. Our bright sunny day suddenly turned forbidding!  Then the waves picked up too, getting larger and faster, coming at us from both sides. The boat wobbled as Jim desperately kept trying to maneuver into the oncoming waves.

  "Jim you missed crossing into that wave, I'm scared!"

"Judy, I'm doing the best I can! The waves are coming too fast for me to make the boat react!"

  The boat rolled as he missed a wave; water poured over the sides.

  "Jim, we must do something. Try for shore!" I cried and screamed above the motor and wind.

“Judy, I am!" he screamed back.

I was so overwhelmed with fright I moved to the bottom of the boat, giving it more balance. Laying my head on the boat seat, tears running down my face, my heart pumping with fright, I began praying outright, with every fibre of my being and energy directed to God, "God, please don't let us die, help us find a camp site, I don't want to die!" Within minutes Jim was able to maneuver to shore and a wonderful site was waiting for us.

  We set up camp while the rain tapered off into light drizzle. As the day slipped into night, I could feel the amazing mix of the elements in this magical place. Watching the sun sliding down giving off its last rays of light for this day I smelled the after rain freshness of the air and heard the gentle lapping of a now peaceful lake hitting the shore. I felt an amazing sense of peace and wellness. Then, I was awestruck.  Illuminated rays of light amidst a blue sky filled with fluffy white clouds were shining upward like a fan, that opened to hold in its centre a small lonely gray cloud, with the shape of an angel! I could clearly see its halo, head, wings spread wide, and the legs slightly bent, as they would be in flight. I pointed my camera and shot this miracle! I knew then, that God and our angels were with us helping us through this challenging day and he would be there for me always.

  In September 2001 I participated in a Body, Soul & Spirit Show and showed my photo to Rob McConnell, a Parapsychologist who was promoting the show. He looked at the photo and said "Show me the angel".

  “What?” I thought, “he can't see it!” I patiently explained, showing him the lonely gray cloud and the angel parts. I was a bit upset that he could not see it, it was so clear to me!

  He said, "No, that is only a cloud, look deeper into the photo," Pointing to the slightly darker horizontal streaks around my gray angel cloud Rob said, "See the face outlined, the eyes, nose, mouth, eyebrow and halo!"

  I could hardly believe what I saw!  Rob explained that when angels really want to make their present known they will put an obstacle in to draw our eyes to them, as with the gray cloud-shaped angel. He commented on the sun rays, going upward (usually rays go down in sunsets), they were pointing upwards for my eyes to look within, pointing the path to look.

  God and Angels, are always with us!


Judy Blondin and her husband Jim continue to enjoy the wonders of Canada, where they live and have a thriving home-based business. Judy created a therapeutic pillow to fulfill her own need for relief and has wound up blessing many other people. Visit them at


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