TO BE a BLESSING will highlight good news.

Miracles allow us to see with 'new eyes'. We literally see what has been there ALL ALONG. Miracles and blessings are part of an eternal covenant in which we give and receive the sweet fullness of life AS we align our minds, hearts, energy and attention, with Source Energy - God.

  This is a behavior, or discipline, we can all learn.

Perhaps it is more correct to say we can all remember our natural attraction or relationship to Source Energy - God. Miracles and blessings are NATURAL!! When they are not happening, it means that we have the opportunity to focus or dedicate the mind of our heart differently and ask to see the good, or to serve, or to be an instrument or conduit of Source Energy - God.

To Be a Blessing is looking for stories that inspire and are nondenominational in tone - stories that unfold the texture of our experience - not the specifics of our theology, religion or denomination. It is not about exhorting people to share our beliefs or our theology. TBAB is about the experience that can be ours when we live in the mind of the heart and seek to be an instrument of the Creator.

With that in mind:  

*     Has someone's action blessed you, have you made a difference in     someone's life or do you know someone who has?  

*     Have you paved the way for something wonderful to happen in your life by praying, softening your heart, practicing gratitude, or creating a rich and delicious inner picture of intent and belief; or do you know someone who has?  

*     Have you experienced a noticeable shift in how you are feeling or behaving or what you are attracting in your life because of a shift in where you are putting your energy and attention?

*     Have you significantly increased being a person who believes that ALL of life is here to bless and support you? How did you create that shift?  

Just tell the story as though you were talking to a person who really wants to know what you have to say--because I do. You may want to read one or more entire stories from the stories page. You can also read more about the purpose of this project and about me, Honey, whose desire it is 'To Be a Blessing' on the bio/purpose page.  

Do your best with what you know. I am willing to interview you by e-mail and perhaps by phone, if you prefer, to help your story come together. I am a great interviewer!  

Please be aware that I will probably edit/polish your story a little before it is used AND, I will always send the story back to you for your approval before using it. I do ask that you run spell check and be sure your story is, in that way, easy to read with correct spelling of people and places.

Everyone knows stories that touch the heart, or expand the mind! Please, send us yours.

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