We are wanting to receive YOUR story. Please just tell the story as though you were talking to a person who is really wanting to hear what you have to say--because we do. Before you tell your story, you may want to read one or more entire stories from the stories page. You can also read more about the purpose of this project and about me, Honey Judith Rubin, whose desire it is 'To Be A Blessing' on the bio/purpose page.

You may not be consciously aware of how you or your 'hero' focused your energy and attention so that you could be or receive a blessing. Just do your best with what you know. I am willing to interview you by e-mail and perhaps by phone, if you prefer, to help your story come together. I am a great interviewer!

Please be aware that I will probably edit your story before it is used AND, I will always send the story back to you for your approval before using it. I do ask that you run spell check and be sure your story is, in that way, easy to read with correct spelling of people and places.




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