Even in Our Dreams

by Lourdes Alvarez

On February 25th the Colombian Embassy suffered a terrorist attack and went into pieces at about 2:00a.m. Our building next to it suffered the impact of such action. Glass doors and windows shattered into pieces in the various offices. However, our office was not touched.

The night before this incident I had a dream in which I recited the Prayer for Protection, by James Dillet Freeman – which by the way was carried to the moon by an astronaut:

The light of God surrounds us,

The love of God enfolds us,

The power of God protects us, and

The presence of God watches over us.

Wherever we are, God is, and all is well.

My dream had to do with a man, I know. He came to tell me that a good man who was very dear to us, a parliamentarian, who had served two times as president, had made his transition. The man wanted to know if we were going to participate in the burial ceremony. I called my husband who was there and said to both of them, "Let's recite the Prayer for Protection for him."

In my dream, the three of us held hands and prayed.

Spirit told me that there is only One Presence and One Power WITHIN, and I chose to believe it. The subconscious mind brings about our good when we are centered in God and it is needed. There is such power in prayer even when we have prayed in a dream!

At one time it was announced this president had made his transition but it was not true. He has retired and is well.

The magnitude of the damages from the terrorist attack was huge. Our president was a prominent person. The terrorist intention was to destroy the Embassy and the whole block The situation could have been worse if it would have been during the day. There are always a lot of pedestrians crossing, bus stops, lots of traffic, people in the buildings nearby.

We are all doing fine. Everyone is trying to recuperate from the fearful act and go about their business.


Lourdes Alvarez is the leader of Unity de Caracas, located in Caracas, Venezuela, Edificio 777,#25, Ave. Casanova, Chacaito. Lourdes, who is Venezuelan, and her husband Nick, who is Dominican, have served Unity since 1978. Their daughter Lorelei resides in Orlando with her husband Frank who is Venezuelan of Italian parents and their three children–Francesco, Amanda and Alessandro, who are Americans. They are a truly international family.

Lourdes has a prayer ministry and does healing through prayer. She can be reached at


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