Another Joke on Me

by Rudi Harst

Whatever else may or may not be true about God, I'm sure that S/he has a droll sense of humor. I was reminded of this on a trip to Mexico in 1996, when I was called to officiate at a wedding for two dear friends who are natives to Mexico City. During this wonderful time, my wife Zet and I were warmly received in the homes of their friends and families. This enabled us to experience a local's view of many of the wonders of Mexico's ancient and varied culture, as well as a moving trip to the Pyramids of Teotihuacan and a romantic stay in Taxco during a total eclipse of the full moon.

But the most amazing experience of that trip had nothing to do with ancient ruins or magnificent meals. It occurred late at night, about a week after arriving, when I awoke with a terrible case of Traveler's Disease. I was alone, on my knees, in the dark, in an unfamiliar bathroom, feeling utterly miserable and gripped by the worst cramping and nausea imaginable.

In the middle of this gut-wrenching nightmare, a wave of well being, love and inner light passed through me. Deep inner peace and contentment came over me as a voice sounded clearly, saying, "All is well." And strangely enough, I had the instantaneous awareness that all was well, even as my retching continued. A few moments later, Zet came in to lay gentle hands and a cool washcloth on the back of my neck and the whole episode passed into history.

Lying in bed the next day, I chuckled at the joke Spirit had played on me. I've spent countless hours of my life in prayer and meditation perched in front of carefully constructed altars. I've participated in a wide range spiritual studies, support groups, retreats and pilgrimages to faraway Power Spots to connect with the Still Small Voice—only to get direct communication while ignominiously hugging a commode in Mexico!

Wrapped inside the joke was a precious reminder to keep my eyes, ears and heart open at all times for dancing lessons from God. Let go of expectations of how the spiritual path is "supposed" to unfold. Stay present to the miracles of the Infinite unfolding in the seemingly unimportant, even painful, moments of the Mundane. Who knows when or where the next teacher will appear?


Rudi Harst is the Minister of the Celebration Circle of San Antonio, an interfaith congregation focussed on experiencing spirituality through the Sacred Arts. Rudi, who is also a professional writer and recording artist, has spoken and sung at countless New Thought churches, conferences, corporations and schools throughout the country. Contact him at


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