Hotline to Heaven

by Mary Fran Evans

Twenty-eight years ago, my husband had passed away. I had six children to raise. At the time, the twins, David and Deanna, were two years old. On the day of this miracle, I had put water on the stove to boil so I could make a big pot of spaghetti. Meanwhile, the Pennsylvania Bell phone man had come to install the phone.

Suddenly, I heard the twins screaming in the kitchen. Deanna had climbed on the oven door and grabbed the pot of boiling water. Boiling water poured over her body and went all over David who was standing near her.

After I saw what happened to them I put cold water on them and wrapped them in blankets. The phone wasn't connected, and I couldn't call for help! I don't even know if 911 was available back then anyway.

As I was leaving to drive the twins to the hospital, the phone man asked if he could pray for them. Of course I said yes! He touched each of them as he prayed. One of the things he asked for in prayer is that the twins wouldn't remember the horrible pain when they recovered.

At the hospital I was told that because there had been oil in the water the burns were worse than if it had just been water. In the midst of all this I just shifted to automatic mode and tried to remain calm. At the Emergency Room, they started to peel the burned skin off of the twins. I had to wait outside the room, as I was feeling very faint.

The twins were in the hospital for about two weeks. When they came home I had to change those bandages every day. Everything they wore had to be white cotton. It was a time, I tell you!

With all the bandaging that was needed, the twins looked like mummies for a while. The bandaging covered them from head to toe. Miraculously, they both healed without scars and they don't remember being burned.

About 20 years later I moved and had to get a phone installed. A phone man arrived and began installing the phone. As I walked past him, he looked at me and said, "How are the twins? I have often thought of them over the years." He was the same man who had prayed for them on the day they were burned.

When I write about this today it still brings tears to my eyes. That man had a hotline to heaven as far as I am concerned and that line is always connected!


Mary Fran Evans lives near Pittsburgh. Over the years she had many jobs while raising her family. This versatile lady has done bookkeeping for a grocer and got paid in groceries, tended bar, babysitting, cleaning, auto repair and bodywork. After her children got older she worked with handicapped adults and children, the last 15 years she worked with the elderly doing home health care. Mary Fran is currently not working because of a chronic illness.


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