By Leslie Tenold

In June 2002 I received an E-mail from my friends, Jane and Dan T., who live in Florida and were visiting relatives in California. They asked if the angels could help their niece Toy who had a very dangerous aneurysm in the artery located in the aorta arch of her heart.

I asked the angels to please repair this defect in the artery and they replied they would. In a few weeks, the angels told me that the repair had been made and so I sent this information to Jane and Dan. On the 17th of July I received an E-mail from them quoting from a letter just received from Toy:

"Yesterday I had another heart catheterization to check an aneurysm which had formed at the site of a stent placed back in December. Before the procedure, Steve asked the doctor if one possible scenario could be that the aneurysm had gone away. The doctor said no, not likely.

Well, after yesterday's procedure, the doctor repeated Steve's question to us and told us that the aneurysm is no longer a factor. It is filling in from the inside and smoothed out to function like a normal (but wider) artery. Clot formation is not a concern anymore and I have even been taken off one medication. My cholesterol, in the words of the doctor "is perfect". He said I am now at no greater risk for heart attack or stroke than anyone else is. My dear family and friends, this healing is attributable only a miracle of God invoked by prayers. I am humbled by this and your love and faithfulness.

Thank You God for miracles.

Leslie Tenold is a spiritual healer whose willingness to ask God's help and send the angels have supported many miraculous healings. You can reach him at or visit his web site at


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