What the Angel Looked Like!

This story is more lighthearted than most, but perhaps we need to remember that angels are available in all situations, not just the most dramatic ones:

Al Errato and his wife, Mary, and their friends Louie and Marsha, had taken Al's newly-acquired 1948 Dodge sedan for a test ride in the country. Mary was driving when Al realized the Dodge was in trouble, chugging and coughing. She coasted off the highway, and into a deserted-looking gas station as the engine died.

"Mary, you can't drive a vintage car that fast," Al grumbled. Just then, a thin, blue-eyed teenager, wearing a tan suit, approached.

"Your car is fine," he reassured Al. "It's just a blown cam shaft bearing, easily repaired."

Al looked around. No mechanics on duty, and this kid didn't look like one. "How do you know about old cars?" he demanded.

"I fix a lot of them." he smiled.

Al calmed down It was only a car, after all. Why should he be so upset? When the repair was done, Al got the car started again, and drove everyone home. Everyone was quiet, knowing how much Al valued the car. But his mechanic did indeed repair the valve, and the incident was forgetten—until sometime later, when Al read a book about angels. Suddenly this unusual episode re-surfaced.

That night, as he and Mary shared dinner with Marsha and Louie, Al wondered aloud, "Remember when the Dodge broke down? We never saw where that skinny kid came from. Could he have been an angel?"

"Skinny kid?" Mary frowned. "That man was tall and handsome, with incredibly blue eyes!"

'You're both wrong," Louie spoke decisively. "Blue eyes, yeah, but real husky, in overalls and work boots. I figured he was a farmer."

Marsha was bewildered. "No, he was just average, wearing slacks and a nice shirt. But he did have beautiful blue eyes!"

God takes care of our smallest problems, even cars. But, as Al maintains, four different visions of the same angel has to be some kind of record!

© Joan Wester Anderson, 1999. This story used with permission. For more stories of God's goodness, check her website at:


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