It's just amazing what the Creator can accomplish through eager, open and willing hearts and minds!

To Be A Blessing is a new, exciting and joyful work in progress featuring stories about people being the instrument or recipient of a blessing and/or a miracle. The stories that are submitted and selected will be used in one or more places:this web site, a column or series of articles, a book, and/or hopefully, as part of an TV episode - all of which will be called 'To Be A Blessing'. This work of love fulfills a prayer made decades ago. Read all about it on the bio/purpose page.

    The blessing or miracle can be large or small;
    all are tasty and uplifting.

The length of your story is not important, just that it inspires, touches the heart with hope and gladness. Life is meant to be FILLED with sweet soul-satisfying blessings and miracles. Let your story remind you of your life's sweetness and inspire others to pray, hope and dream.

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